Becoming a Patient

We are welcoming new patients to all our health centers.

We try to make becoming a patient at Tri-County Family Medicine easy. Just fill out our contact form in the right sidebar and we’ll get back to you about next steps. Our friendly staff will assist you with filling out forms and answer any questions you may have.

The New Patient Intake Form is on this page for you to fill out and bring to your first appointment. Also, take a moment to read about our Financial Policy, Patient’s Bill of Rights, and Authorization for Release of Health Information.

Need help with health insurance?  We have insurance navigators who can help you with that. Here is their contact information and when they will take calls to help you. 

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that you may find helpful.


Here are some common questions about Tri-County Family Medicine.

Can my whole family be seen at your health centers?

YES, we see patients of all ages, including young children and older adults.

Tri-County Family Medicine provides primary care services. What does that mean?

Your medical team at Tri-County acts as your first contact and principal point of continuing care for you within the healthcare system and coordinates with specialists that you may need. Your primary care provider knows your health history, provides routine check-ups, physicals, preventive care along with health education. When you have a new health problem, you should first contact your primary care provider at Tri-County Family Medicine.

How do I prepare for my first appointment? Please bring the following:
  • Insurance cards. See question 5
  • Your driver’s license or another valid photo ID
  • A list of any prescription medications, vitamins, and supplements you’re currently taking
  • Medical Record Release
  • Your health history, including chronic conditions and illnesses and previous surgeries
  • A list of specialists you see
  • A list of questions you’d like to ask
How far in advance will I need to make an appointment if I’m a new patient?

Please call us to schedule the next available appointment. Not all of our doctors and advanced practitioners are open for new patients, but many are. We are, however, busy adding additional clinical staff to be able to see more new patients more quickly.

What if I don’t have insurance?

We accept new patients without regard for ability to pay, however, we do have insurance navigators available to help you sign up for health insurance or you can apply for our Sliding Fee Discount Program [see the next question for more information]. In fact, the insurance navigators are available by phone on specific days. After the COVID-19 social distancing period, they will be available in person. Check here for their availability.

I have a lower income; do you offer a discount?

YES. We offer a Sliding Fee Discount Program. The Sliding Fee Discount Program allows all patients (referred to as applicants) to receive healthcare services at a reduced cost based on income and family size. To be eligible for a Sliding Fee Discount, applicants must provide evidence of household income not exceeding double the published annual Federal Poverty Guidelines for the current year; which varies depending upon the size of the family and the number of people that live in the household. Please contact any office staff for further information and application.

What if I must reschedule my appointment?

Please try to call 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Will there be staff there to help me?

YES, there will. We have Patient Service Advocates who will help you fill out your health information forms and take you through the process. We have insurance navigators (on specific days) that you can meet with or call to get your questions answered or health insurance.

When should I arrive?

New patients should arrive 30 minutes early to allow time for registration prior to their clinical appointment. Everyone else should arrive 10 minutes prior to their appointments.

What if I have questions about billing?

Please call (585) 335-3100.