How Geriatric Services Can Enhance the Quality of Life for Seniors

Getting older doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop living the life you enjoy! With both preventative care and treatment, your quality of life can remain unchanged. Our doctors at Tri County Family Medicine in Canaseraga, Cohocton, Geneseo, Nunda, Wayland and Dansville, NY, are well-versed in geriatric services and all aspects of geriatric medicine.

Common conditions

We treat numerous conditions in seniors, with the most common including: 

  • High blood pressure (often caused by excess body weight, excess salt intake, or narrowing arteries)
  • Heart problems (common geriatric heat problems include coronary artery blockages and atherosclerosis)
  • Arthritis (severe joint pain and stiffness)
  • Diabetes (prolonged levels of extremely high blood sugar)

Tri County Family Medicine have locations in Canaseraga, Cohocton, Geneseo, Nunda, Wayland and Dansville, NY and are one of the leading geriatric services providers in the area. 

Enhancing quality of life for seniors

The biggest benefit to geriatric services is that they are specifically tailored to address any and all issues, providing a holistic approach to the care and treatment. This ensures that seniors maintain independence, dignity and live fulfilling lives. 

Having a regular medical practitioner means that our seniors have comprehensive and wraparound care. Our geriatric specialists create personalized plans for patients, keeping in mind their medical history and current health status. 

From a mental health perspective, we provide a safe space for seniors to discuss how they are feeling mentally, with access to counseling, support groups and therapy if needed. 

Our geriatric services focus on promoting and maintaining independence and functional abilities. We work with occupational and physical therapists to ensure that our patients are still able to partake in daily activities as independently as possible. 

Our doctors take a person-centered approach and develop care plans based off the patient's individual needs and desires. Our geriatric services empower seniors to make decisions and feel like they have control over their lives. 

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