Innovations in Obstetric Ultrasound Technology

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What You Need To Know About Ultrasound Technology

When you are pregnant, one of the diagnostic imaging studies used to view your developing baby is ultrasound technology. Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to detect and measure structures in a developing fetus. These sound waves travel and relay images back to a monitor, which can be viewed by you and your doctor.

Obstetric ultrasound technology has made significant advancements in the last few years. Consider these innovations in obstetric ultrasound technology:

Ultra-compact ultrasound is a portable device offering excellent imaging quality and easy maneuverability.

Three-dimensional and four-dimensional ultrasound technology, provide detailed images of internal organs. This innovation provides a more detailed view of the developing baby. 3D and 4D technology are also quicker procedures than conventional 2D technology. 4D technology can also show live motion of the baby within the womb.

Artificial intelligence, which can help interpret images for better diagnosis. AI can enable a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Tissue harmonic imaging produces clearer images than standard ultrasound. THI uses less power and is a quicker procedure than conventional ultrasound.

Volumetric ultrasound, which combines multiple two-dimensional images of different angles. This creates an image of the fetus positioned in the womb.

Innovations in obstetric ultrasound provide clearer, more precise imaging to help detect structural issues and other concerns that may be affecting your developing baby. Early detection can enable earlier treatment of conditions, leading to a healthy birth and healthy baby.

Want To Know More About Obstetric Ultrasound Technology?

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