Joseph DePra, MD

Joseph DePra, MD
A passion for building relationships and practicing medicine.

Joseph DePra, MD

Dansville, NY Family Practice Physician

Tri County Family Medicine Program, Inc

A graduate of the Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. DePra has practiced medicine for nearly 30 years. Called into medicine from a young age, he loves the variety and relationships he builds in family medicine. Those relationships are what keep him motivated. He’s known many of his patients for over 20 years.

The relationships he has with his patients are also a part of Dr. DePra’s approach to patient care. He likes to relate to and focus on the individual needs and personalities of each patient.

Patient relationships are not the only thing important to Dr. DePra. He joined Tri-County Family Medicine because of the staff. “My colleagues are a great group of service oriented, patient focused doctors,” Dr. DePra said. “And they balance career and family life well.” We like to think so too, Dr. DePra.

When he is not making friends and serving the community, Dr. DePra does likes to fish, hunt, practice Taekwondo, and do mission work in Guatemala.