Karen Stone

Karen Stone Chief Executive Officer and Privacy/ Security Officer

It started with a desire to be a part of the healthcare solution in her hometown. Meet Karen Stone, CEO and Privacy/ Security Officer.

Thirty-two years ago, Karen began working at Tri-County Family Medicine with a desire to give back to her community. Tri-County was making great strides in providing health care to her family and neighbors and she wanted to be a part of it.

Karen has consistently risen in roles of responsibility at Tri-County from a variety of administrative positions, starting with a medical secretary/receptionist, which then lead her to a job as a Roving Office Manager, and ultimately landed her in the administrative office. Karen's goal is to continue making the health centers more efficient in her role as CEO and Privacy/ Security Officer.

Karen leads the effort at Tri-County to implement the Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) that makes communication between medical professionals better, improves the overall accuracy of personal health records, and makes reimbursement from insurance more efficient.

“Every morning I get up early and know that today will be rewarding for me. We’re always thinking about how we can make it easier for our patients to receive the best care. Whether we’re hiring newly qualified clinicians, improving processes such as patient/provider communications or providing our patients with electronic results on the portal; each has an important role to play,” said Karen.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys gardening, craft projects, and hiking.