Nadine Bailey, PA-C

Nadine Bailey, PA-C Holding hands, stitching cuts, and counseling patients is very rewarding.

As a child, Nadine watched a young boy get injured. As she stood there helpless in that moment, she knew she wanted to develop skills that could help people in an emergency.

Her passion for medicine took her from Brigham Young University to Baylor University School of Medicine and onto private practice in oncology. Working in oncology taught her about the importance of compassion in medicine as she had to develop a deeper empathy to get people through a catastrophic event and then be able share their joy when things went well. Oncology also opened her eyes to the importance of good family medicine and its ability to help people catch big issues early.

Nadine joined Tri-County Family Medicine in 2015. Her move from oncology to family practice was because of its flexibility for her family life and also because a it allows her to get to better know and follow up with patients. “I love working in family medicine because you get more than a snapshot of a patient,” she said. “In family medicine, you build long-term relationships, which is good. There is a relationship of trust that is built that works both ways and is helpful to patients.”

While Nadine is committed to ongoing professional development, family practice helps her continue to gain experience in helping a variety of medical issues. Her fluent Spanish has helped her treat many Spanish speakers over the years, particularly migrant populations who need primary care.

Outside of work, Nadine dedicates her time to family and God. She enjoys volunteering in her church community and runs a summer church camp for girls. Her four daughters are involved in various church and school activities, which she enjoys organizing or supporting. An avid reader, Nadine loves rural America and is a dedicated outdoors woman with a love of hiking and kayaking.